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Used SUVs on sale near Birmingham, AL

Best used SUV for towing

Many SUVs are equipped to tow a small travel trailer up to 5,000 pounds like the Ford Explorer or Nissan Pathfinder. Granted there are a couple of makes that can two up to 8,500 pounds like the Infiniti QX80. No matter what you plan on towing, make sure to do your due diligence and research to find our exactly how much your vehicle can tow. And make sure your vehicle has the correct hitch class installed as well. Feel free to reach out to our service department with any questions.

Cheap SUVs for sale

You can find some great used SUVs for under $20K, maybe even under $15K if you’re lucky. Which begs the question, what’s cheap nowadays? Well, since the average car lasts 12 years or 200,000 miles give or take, there are many things to consider when buying a cheap SUV. Age, mileage, condition, and the history of the vehicle. That’s why we put every vehicle though a rigorous 160-point inspection prior to hitting our showroom floor.

Best used midsize SUV

The Hyundai Palisade, Subaru Outback, and Toyota Highlander are just a few of the best midsize SUVs on the market. And when it comes to premium packages, 4-wheel drive SUVs with V6 engines are a good place to start. Unless you’re looking for a peppy 4-cylinder SUV that’ll get you where you need to go and on time. There’s no right or wrong answer here. It just boils down to budget, wants and needs when all is said and done.

Used fuel efficient SUV

More and more car manufacturers are manufacturing electric SUVs. Which is interesting considering hybrid SUVs seem to have been just a phase. And with the cost of electricity and gas prices, perhaps a hybrid option’s a good compromise. Take the Honda CR-V Hybrid, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and the Kia Sportage Hybrid for example. Or the Hyundai Kona Electric if you’re looking for an all-electric SUV.

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