What Used Car is Right For Me?

January 31st, 2020 by

Finding the Vehicle You Need

Every driver that is on the hunt for a new vehicle has different needs. When you shop at Susan Schein Automotive, you find the options you need for the vehicles you want. Are you looking for a fun and athletic car to cruise around the Pelham area? Or, perhaps a family-friendly SUV to get the kids around the Birmingham area is more your speed. Maybe you’re on the hunt for the perfect work-site pickup, versatile and tough on any terrain. Whatever your needs are, you’ll find options and a knowledgeable staff at Susan Schein Automotive to help you find the pre-owned car, truck or SUV you need. Our Pelham dealership has an extensive selection of pre-owned vehicles in the Birmingham area. Whether you need space for extra groceries, or just a high-performance, fun-to-drive cruiser, we know we have the vehicle to serve you.

A Car for Everyone

From Acura’s to Volkswagen’s, Susan Schein Automotive has a car for everyone. The single biggest question you need to answer when shopping for a new car is: what am I using this car for? When you answer that question, everything else falls into place from cargo room to engine size. Are you looking for an sleek, athletic car to cruise around Pelham? Then a sports car, like a Chevrolet Camaro is up to your speed. Sedans and large cars, like a Buick Lacrosse for example, are designed with the family in mind, perfect for weekly trips to the grocery store or luggage for weekend getaways. If high-class style paired with high-reliability rankings are more what you are looking for, small cars like Audis and BMWs let you flaunt your style while driving with confidence. No matter what stage you are in life, there’s a pre-owned car waiting for you at Susan Schein Automotive.

Pack It Up and Go with a Family-Friendly SUV

It seems everybody has a reason to drive an SUV these days. From Ford Escapes to Range Rovers, SUVs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are built to handle different terrains. Compact SUVs, like the Honda CR-V or Ford Escape, are sportier with a much more athletic handle. These are perfect for traversing tougher terrains but still offer plenty of room for family, friends and gear for a weekend away. Midsize SUVs, like the Jeep Grand Cherokee or Buick Enclave, are perfect for a week vacation to the beach with plenty of room for passengers and cargo. These are also versatile enough for getting to and from sporting events with a trunk full of gear. SUV’s in the largest size are built to haul precious cargo, whether that’s people, extra stuff or both. When you shop for a large size SUV, like the Cadillac Escalade or Chevrolet Tahoe, you aren’t simply getting a dynamic ride with room for everyone and everything you need. You’re getting best-in-class towing and hauling capabilities, strong enough to tow a boat or trailer for wherever your next adventure takes you.

Practical. Versatile. Tough. Shop Pickups at Susan Schein Automotive
Are you looking for a vehicle that is functional on any terrain for every situation? Consider looking into a pre-owned pickup truck at Susan Schein automotive! Most pickups trucks, like the ever-popular, highly-recognizable ones crafted by Chevrolet and Ford, are perfect for whatever you have planned. Have a few friends heading to a football game or concert? You can fit four people in the cabin and a grill, chairs, coolers and anything else you need in the bed. Maybe you are looking for a tough truck for the rugged tundra of the work-site, able to haul cargo and trailers from site to site without missing a beat. Or, maybe you’re an all-out adventure seeker, looking for the perfect vehicle to traverse any condition from fording a stream to climbing a mountain. Whatever you’re hunting for, there’s a pickup truck waiting for you at Susan Schein Automotive.

Start your Search at Susan Schein Automotive

Don’t wait another minute. Get your next adventure started with the perfect pre-owned vehicle for you. Not sure of exactly what you need? Fear not, our experienced and knowledgeable sales team is here to guide you in finding the perfect pre-owned car, truck or SUV for you. Contact our Pelham dealership at 877-806-3882 for more information today!

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